Organized coach trips with MMA Autoservizi

Organized coach or bus trips to the best locations in Italy and abroad.

Traveling by coach may be seen as a “last resort” by some, but it is actually very relaxing.

People are increasingly willing to arrange travel by coach. It is sometimes a cheaper option and implies many other advantages: for example, it is often much easier to find another person to travel with and share preferences.

As a matter of fact, people increasingly prefer organized trips by coach rather than air travel.

Organized coach travel has many advantages over any other travel or vacation planning means. Traveling by coach is ideal for those who would like to see many different places without worrying about all the details.

We arrange all your trip in detail for you

Traveling with us is relaxing and comfortable!

You will arrive at your destination, relaxed and rested, ready to enjoy its beauty!

MMA Autoservizi is the best solution for the organization of this kind of trip, as it can handle all phases: finding the right coach, organizing and managing logistics (accommodation, rest areas, on-board chefs, catering services, etc…) supporting and assisting passengers throughout the trip (on-board guides and drivers).